All the Time in the World

My taste in reading material is wide and varied: SF/fantasy/"speculative fiction", mysteries (police procedurals, mostly), history, fanfic, straight fiction, smutty vampire books, biographies, poetry, cereal boxes, assembly instructions, the fine print, and your mind.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride - William Goldman I was introduced to The Princess Bride by way of an excerpt (The Duel Scene) being included in Spider Robinson's 1981 short story anthology, The Best of All Possible Worlds, in which he picked his favorite story, and the author of that story picked his favorite, etc.; where the author of a favorite was dead, I think Spider got a second pick, and they were off again. I had never heard of the Princess Bride before that, and shortly thereafter picked up a copy, which has been read literally to pieces in the years following. I still can't quite decide if there ever was a book by S. Morgenstern (maybe available at Mr. Trupenny's Book Emporium & Gallery), or if it's all just a product of Mr. Goldman's fertile imagination. Call me credulous.