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My taste in reading material is wide and varied: SF/fantasy/"speculative fiction", mysteries (police procedurals, mostly), history, fanfic, straight fiction, smutty vampire books, biographies, poetry, cereal boxes, assembly instructions, the fine print, and your mind.

The Strain

The Strain - Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan This was such an uneven book - at times the writing was beautiful and evocative, and then suddenly there'd be some clunky, ungrammatical sentence that kicked me right out of the story... plus there's almost NO recovery time between the protagonist being told that vampires are real, and his almost casual acceptance of that as fact. Admittedly, he gets evidence thrown at him by the bucketload, but even then, we're prone to try desperately to find some mundane explanation for odd occurrences. This guy seems to absorb an impossible explanation and jump right in to the situation with hardly a murmur of dissent.

That said, it's an interesting take on the vampire myth - vampirism caused by an infectious agent. I enjoy reading different authors' approach to what are pretty much standard assumptions about vampires and twisting them just a bit, or giving an alternative explanation/tie-in to vampire lore (i.e., silver is effective due to its well-known antibacterial/fungicidal/viricidal properties, etc.)

The other two books are out - will probably have to track down copies and finish the story.