All the Time in the World

My taste in reading material is wide and varied: SF/fantasy/"speculative fiction", mysteries (police procedurals, mostly), history, fanfic, straight fiction, smutty vampire books, biographies, poetry, cereal boxes, assembly instructions, the fine print, and your mind.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer Another one I will probably finish at some point, but there are so many more books I want to read...


I've wanted to read this book for a while now but never seemed to run across it (although I can't tell you how many times I've seen copies of Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" - uh, no, not gonna read a book about cold and heights and falling.)

So far my most frequent reaction to the story of Chris McCandless is "you arrogant, self-righteous little prick." And Krakauer's writing gets a little florid sometimes, but so far it's a good read.