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The Traveler

The Traveler  - John Twelve Hawks I added this book to my to-read list after I ran across a review a while back - it sounded interesting, and when I spotted a copy recently I grabbed it up for a couple of bucks. In the mean time I had gone to the associated website and discovered that no one seems to know who the author, John Twelve Hawks, really is, and I think the implication is supposed to be that the novel is somewhat based on his real life or something. I am reading it with the underlying assumption that it's ultimately going to SUCK, because a) if a book's any good it shouldn't have to rely on gimmicks like a mysterious author, and b) I'm cynical like that. Thus far it's pretty interesting, but it's been mainly laying the ground for The Big Clash Between the Evil Technocrats and the Good Spiritual Types. (Note: I also hate having everything reduced to a duality like that. Real life is more subtle and complicated.)

Now that I'm done: Yeah, not really interested in following this story any further. Simplistic language, some ridiculous leaps of logic, utterly unbelievable action sequences... Don't bother.