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The Wire In The Blood

The Wire In The Blood - Val McDermid Thought the plot of this book was particularly interesting given that of the *first* book - in Mermaids Singing, Dr. Tony Hill is in the process of forming a national task force for the investigation of serial criminals; profilers, like those in the U.S. In TWitB, the task force is newly created and has selected its first members. As with any group, there are those who stand out above the rest - in this case, Shaz Bowman, a driven young police officer who shows a definite gift for the process of developing a psychological profile of a hypothetical criminal suspect. The urgency of Bowman's need to succeed, however, leads her to take a foolhardy risk and put herself in mortal danger.

In Mermaids Singing, we got a look at Tony Hill and the dark heart of his nature, and observed the tentative development of a friendship (and possibly more) with Detective Inspector Carol Jordan, another gifted investigator. In this second book in the series, Jordan has chosen not to join Hill in his task force, but rather has taken a promotion and is running the detective squad in another city. Her skills are called on, however, and she finds herself back working with Hill as the fledgling group of profilers race against the clock to defeat a canny murderer whose very public face makes him a dubious suspect.