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Dragon's Treasure

Dragon's Treasure - Elizabeth A. Lynn So torn about this one. It's very much a middle book, although it had been so long since I read Dragon Winter that I remembered very little about it, and relied on the strength of Lynn's worldbuilding to pull me back in. (She did, beautifully.) Her writing is so lyrical, and she crafts such complex relationships in spare prose, I can't NOT read anything she's written.

Here's the frustrating thing about the book: It just leaves you hanging, and even more so than most fantasy-epic offerings. It took 6 years for her to follow up DW, and it's now been 10 years since DT. I had actually been under the impression that this was just a dualogy, but about 100 pgs from the end realized that no, it wasn't going to wrap up by book's end, and I have to wonder what her publisher's doing - have they given up? is there ever going to be a concluding book? and WHY do I always fall in love with authors/stories that end up dragging on for decades without resolution???