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The Fair Folk

The Fair Folk - Marvin Kaye, Tanith Lee, Megan Lindholm, Kim Newman I've liked those of the previous themed anthologies edited by Kaye that I've read - this one's a mixed bag, from the sublime (Patricia McKillip's "The Kelpie", set amid a group of Victorian artists and containing the least amount of magical trappings of the set) to the ridiculous (Craig Shaw Gardener's "An Embarrassment of Elves", which I found so painful to read that I skipped to the next story about halfway through.) Liked Megan Lindholm's "Grace Notes", Tanith Lee's "UOUS", and Jane Yolen & Midori Snyder's "Except the Queen." Loved Kim Newman's "The Gypsies of the Wood" and would like to find more of his work. I particularly enjoyed Newman's appropriation of Conan Doyle's Diogenes Club as the agency from which Charles Beauregard is dispatched to investigate the mysterious disappearance, and even more mysterious reappearance, of two children - one of whom has aged more than 20 years in a few short days. Providing Beauregard with a strong female ally (and inevitable love interest) was a good way to win my approval as well. ;)