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Forty Words for Sorrow

Forty Words for Sorrow - Giles Blunt I previously read one of the later John Cardinal books (Blackfly Season, I think) and remembered liking it, so when I ran across a copy of Forty Words I grabbed it.

Rather gruesome, so those who are easily squicked out should avoid. This is not a cozy mystery. John Cardinal is a detective with the Algonquin Bay police department; he is newly partnered with Lise Delorme, who has just transferred from "Special" (I think the equivalent of Internal Affairs?) and may or may not be investigating Cardinal's possible involvement in leaking advance information to a criminal about planned raids. Cardinal is in disgrace, having insisted to his superiors that a series of teen disappearances is connected and gotten booted out of the homicide division as a result. The discovery of the body of one of those missing teens gets him back in their good graces, though, and he and Delorme try to connect the cases and track down a murderer in their midst.