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My taste in reading material is wide and varied: SF/fantasy/"speculative fiction", mysteries (police procedurals, mostly), history, fanfic, straight fiction, smutty vampire books, biographies, poetry, cereal boxes, assembly instructions, the fine print, and your mind.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre - Michael Mason, Charlotte Brontë I found, to my horror, that although I always considered Jane Eyre to be one of my favorite books, I had apparently NEVER READ THE WHOLE THING. We had a set of Readers Digest's Best Loved Books when I was a kid, and it's only an *abridged* version. The relationship between Jane and Rochester becomes much more - understandable, I guess, when you've got the entire story. The RD version left out much of the humor and the "meeting of the minds" they enjoyed in each other. Actually a little creepy in a way - Jane was, despite her self-sufficiency, quite the innocent in many ways; I suppose that's partly what made her so attractive to Rochester.