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All Mortal Flesh

All Mortal Flesh - Julia Spencer-Fleming Head and shoulders above the previous book.

Just a few notes about what I love about this series:

1) Clare and Russ are "older", i.e., not teens, 20-somethings, or even 30-somethings (I forget exactly how old Clare is, but Russ is 50, and if I remember right Clare's around 10 yrs. younger), and it's refreshing to read something that depicts older people as still having intense sexual feelings.

2) Neither of them is described as amazingly gorgeous. They love each other for deeper reasons than external beauty.

3) Their "infidelity" is purely emotional - not that that excuses it, but they are honorable enough that they resist getting physical with each other. And Russ undoubtedly still loves his wife, even though he also loves Clare.

4) Clare is portrayed as a human being with flaws, rather than as perfect and saintly. Being the daughter of a minister, I appreciate that a great deal.