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The Darwin Conspiracy

The Darwin Conspiracy - John Darnton Another instance where I wish I could give half-star ratings. This read like one of those books that seem to have been written by someone who, having completed their post-graduate English degree research, figures they can put all that information to good use. Not the case here, as Mr. Darnton is older and has written a number of other things first, but the whole thing smacked of what I call "James Michener syndrome", AKA "Look at all the research I did!!"

That said - parts were very interesting, and as long as I didn't get too hung up on the hideous coincidences (like, while trying to find uncharted research territory in the thoroughly explored life story of the famous naturalist, a struggling perennial student serendipitously discovers the hidden diary of Charles Darwin's daughter Elizabeth, amid a box of household accounts paperwork) I found the historical setting intriguing.